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Owners: Fred and Kristina Strauss

We Welcome you to Busy Beaver Lumber and look foward to serving you.


Kristina and Fred have been avid woodworkers with over 50 years of combined woodworking experience between them. Their woodworking shop includes practically everything from basic hand tools up to and including a computerized CNC machine which Fred designed and built to route complex images in woods and soft metals.

Over the years they became increasingly frustrated with the high costs and difficulty of obtaining quality hardwoods with which to build thier projects. On the other hand, it almost made them want to cry when they saw a beautiful tree that could have produced high quality lumber cut up into mere firewood or just left in the forrest or woods to go to waste.

We are not just the owners of Busy Beaver Lumber, we are also avid woodworkers ouselves!

Kristina loves to turn fantastic wood pens on here wood lathe and likes to make the wood bowl blanks. She also enjoys making wood furniture and curio cabinet size projects. Together with Fred, they made complete bedroom furniture sets for three of their daughters.

Fred loves just about anything to do with woodworking and is happiest when he is making sawdust. Like Kristina, he enjoys making furniture and turning wood pens. Beyond that he loves to turn wood on his lathe, especially segmented wood bowls. Occasionally, he has even been known to make a doll house or two for one of their daughters. Most recently he has taken up wood carving as a nice relaxing hobby to do at the lake on the weekends.

Woodworkers supplying wood for Woodworkers would best describe us. We understand your needs because we share many of the same interests that you have.

They both knew they could do something about these problems. Is was with this mission in mind that they formed Busy Beaver Lumber and the purchased their modern building, portable Wood Mizer LT-10 Sawmill, and all the other support equipment.

Over the years, the sawmill business continued to grow and we soon found markets that we could specialize in:

1. Bundled Firewood - We sell over 25,000 bundles of firewood a year

2. Wood Turning Blanks - We sell wood blanks and segmented wood bowl blanks for wood turners and wood workers

3. Wood Carving Blanks -  Carvers love our Basswood, Catalpa, and Cedar Wood carving Blanks and Bark for carving

4. High Quality Hardwoods and Softwoods - We buy premium trees and produce high quality lumber for woodworkers

5. Secondary services - Planing, jointing, Sanding, Custom size Pieces cut to size

Busy Beaver Lumber is owned and operated as a division of    F & K Designs, a company that has been in the Advertising Specialty, Embroidery, and Sign Business for over 10 years and that has well over 2000 satisfied customers, including fortune 500 companies.

If you need embroidery or signs and vinyl graphics  for your business, check out our ebay store below or give us a call at 260-637-3183

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Company Goals:

It is the Goal of Busy Beaver Lumber to provide quality lumber and milling services to it's customers at a fair price and with value that meets or exceeds their expecations.

We accomplish this by owning and operating state of the art equipment with thin knerf cut technology that maximizes the yield from each log. We also pride ourselves in providing unmatched customer service by personally dealing with each and every customer. Yes, we have employees, but you can be assured that Fred and/or Kristina is always right there with them ensuring you lumber is being cut exactly the way you want it cut and in a timely, professional manner. Likewise you can be assured that any questions or concerns you may have will be addressed immediately by either Fred or Kristina.....no middleman, no difficult to reach salesman....no waiting for returned calls....JUST DOWN TO EARTH 100% QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE with the respect you deserve.

Our Philosophy

We believe that trees are a valuable resource and one of God's greatest gifts to man and that they should be used wisely and efficiently. We pride ourselves in running a tight, environmentally friendly operation that puts every part of the tree to efficient use. In short, nothing goes to waste. Smaller diameter logs and limbs are used to build rustic log furniture in our factory. Our Sawdust and shavings are not thrown in a burn pile, but rather used as animal and livestock bedding. Smaller size pieces of lumber are sold to wood turners as turning blanks and for use in our factory to make decorative wood bowls and cat condos. Likewise, unlike many sawmills, our flitches ( the half moon shaped pieces that come off the mill when you square a log) are not thrown in a burn pile, but rather are bundled and wrapped to be sold as firewood to local campgrounds and convienience stores.



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