Bundled Firewood


Bundled Firewood

We sell DNR approved bundled firewood in Indiana to campgrounds, convienience stores, and to home owners.

Each bundle is rectangle shaped for easy stacking and contains 0.75 cubic feet of firewood. The firewood bundles are wrapped with strong tear resistant plastic. As and option, a carry handle strap can be attached.

Current rates are shown below:

1-100 bundles      $3.00 per bundle

101-249 bundles    $2.75 per bundle

250 and up bundles  $2.50 per bundle

Plus Shipping!

* Please call to find out availability as our inventory flucuates during the year based on seasonal demands, but we usually have several thousand bundles on hand.

With  larger bundle quantites, we also have realize that you may not have the room to store all of these bundles at once and we can set up a staggered delivery schedule to meet your needs and storage abilities. Typically our delivery driver can bring up to 800 bundles at a time. Talk to us about the options available and we will work with you any way that we can.

We have the ability to deliver the bundled firewood and can get as many as 800 bundles per load or you can come and pick them up yourself and we will be glad to load them on your truck for FREE  while you enjoy a complimentary bottled water, soda or cup of coffee in our customer waiting area.

Come at lunch time and we will even treat you to Pizza for lunch while we load your trailer. There is and Elmo's pizza right across the street from us and we buy about 100 pizzas a year from them for our workers and guests.














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