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Busy Beaver Lumber owns and operates the Wood Mizer LT-10 sawmill. Wood Mizer has sold over 40,000 mills and is well respected as the leader in sawmill design and construction. For us there was no better choice to offer our customers in terms of quality of cut and reliability of operation. No other sawmill manufacturer comes close to having this many sawmills out in the field.

Our Woodmizer LT-10 has the optional 10hp motor. This mill is capable of cutting a log up to 24" in diameter and 11' in length.

A powerfull 10 HP motor drives the sawmill. Water is used as a lubricant to keep the blades cool and minimize sap buildup on them.


We keep our equipment in tip top condition. One of the major reasons we keep all of our equipment in such good shape is that our entire operation is under roof in our modern building. This also gives us a major advantage of being able to work 365 days a year, regardless of the weather conditions. On cold days we even have heat in the work area and a nice heated customer lounge for you to grab a coffee or soda in while we cut and load your lumber. 

Customer Lounge Area - FREE COFFEE and SODA


Sawmill Rates and Expectations:

There are several options available to you:

Cutting at our facility:

Customer can either bring their logs to us of have us pick them up at an additional cost.

Sawmill flat rate is $55.00 per hour which includes us providing a worker to remove and stack lumber.

Alternately, smaller jobs can be done at $.30 per board foot.

We ask that all jobs done at our location be picked up and paid for within 10 days of being notified of the jobs completion.

Percentage Split of Wood:

In some cases we may be willing to work a deal with you such that you get your logs cut for free in return for us taking a portion of the cut lumber as compensation for our time and effort. Typically this would be a 50-50 split.

Terms and Conditions:

Whenever a customer provides us with a log to saw, they agree to the following terms:

  1. Logs will be provided clean and free of foreign debris.

  2. Logs will have all limbs removed and be ready for cutting.

  3. Logs will not exceed 24" in diameter or 11' in length. If we must trim logs to fit on the mill, labor will be billed at $55.00 per hour to do so.

  4. Customer assumes full liability of our blades encountering foreign matter (nails, horseshoes, spikes...ect) and will be billed $25.00 for any blade damaged in the sawing of their lumber.

  5. Cutting lumber involves using machinery that is potentially dangerous. While at our facility, it is the customers responsibility to keep out of the designated cutting area . In the event that the customer or another individual of his designation will be off loading and stacking cut lumber, the customer assumes all responsibility and liability for any injuries assocaited with that individuals actions and well being. In no cases will Busy Beaver Lumber, F & K Designs, or the sawmill manufacturer be held liable for injury to the customer or a worker of his choice.

Purchase pre-cut Lumber or Custom Cut Lumber from our inventory:

We try to keep a good inventory of pre-cut dimensional lumber on hand for immediate purchase and delivery if needed. We also try to keep logs on hand in the event that you would like to have us custom cut a particular piece of lumber for your specific needs. See our Lumber price list for available pre-cut wood and assocaited prices. If you are a wood turner, you may also want to check out our Woodworking Supplies catagory for wood bowl blanks, turning blanks, and other woodworking items.

Surface Planing and Jointing Rates:

Our surface planer has a 15" capacity and uses the advanced spiral cutting blades for a superior finish

Surface planing rates:  $0.30 per board foot

Jointing rates:  $0.20 per linear foot

Discounts are available on larger orders or if the customer is willing to assist with his/her own labor.

Log Transportation Rates - Effective 12/1/2011


We have the ability to haul logs on the bed of our 20 foot long, tri-axle flatbed trailer or in our new hydralic dump trailer with custom designed fold down sides. Although the diameter and length of the logs have a direct bearing on the number of logs we can haul at once, it is not un-common for us to be able to haul a two dozen logs per load on our bigger trailer and a half dozen on the dump trailer. Obviously, the smaller in diameter and the shorter the log, the greater is the number of logs we can haul in a single trip.

We generally do not haul logs shorter than 4 feet in length or greater than 11 feet in length.

We do accept logs for milling that are as short as 24 inches and have a custom designed clamp setup that sits on our mill and holds the shorter length logs. Wood turners and wood carvers love this option since they may come up with a special log that they would like to have us cut blanks out of.

The following rates are based on an 8 foot long log. If logs are shorter or longer than 8 foot in length, an adjustment will be made based on the table below:

Price is per 8 foot log

Less than 12" in diameter log                                    $10.00 per log

13" to 17" diameter log                                             $12.00 per log

18" to 24" diameter log                                             $15.00 per log

Plus fuel billed at $1.00 per mile for the entire load of logs. Hardly getting rich at these rates with fuel prices and the fact that our truck, with its 454 motor gets a whopping 10 miles per gallon.

Adjustments for logs longer or shorter than 8 feet in length

Less than 12" in diameter log                                    $1.00 per foot

13" to 17" diameter log                                             $1.25 per foot

18" to 24" diameter log                                             $1.75 per foot

Examples of how adjustment factors work:

Example 1: Assume a log 10 inches in diameter and 10 feet long

Rate to haul an 8 foot long log less than 12" in diameter            $10.00

2 feet adjustment for 10 foot long log ( 2 x $1.00)                      $2.00

Total to haul this log (not including fuel per mile charge)           $12.00


Example 2: Assume a log 10 inches in diameter and only 6 feet long

Rate to haul an 8 foot long log less than 12" in diameter            $10.00

2 feet adjustment for 6 foot long log ( 2 x $1.00)                     - $2.00

Total to haul this log (not including fuel per mile charge)           $8.00



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