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Our Brand New Grizzly 15" spiral cut surface planer is ready to put a superior finish on the faces of your boards.

Have us Put a smooth edge on your wood using our 6" Spiral cut Jointer

Need Custom shapes problem! We have two bandsaws ready and at your service.


Two Mitre Saws, one at each of our buildings.


How About two Dust Collection systems....The Jet one actually connects to the Wood Mizer sawmill to collect the sawdust while the logs are being cut into boards. A nice set of bar clamps to glue up boards for you as well using in conjunction with bisket joints that we can install as well.


We needed more room to store wood, so we built two new wood racks which have already started to fill up.

How about a couple of Sanders. Here we have a Rikon 6" belt sander with 10" wheel and a small Delta belt sander for getting into some pretty tight spots. Have to thank the wife for the Rikon Sander...very nice B'day Gift.


Add to the mix a Delta Table saw and Ryobi Radial Arm Saw and you can see that we can cut just about anything to your specifications.




A couple more nice Rikon Tools. One the left is a Rikon Mini Lathe. This is one nice lathe for turning pens and spindles. Again this was a gift from my loving wife. Boy does she sure know the way to my heart. One the right is a Rikon Radial Drill Press which can handle just about any drilling job you could ever hope to do. Have to thank my Daughter Heather for this one as it was an Xmas gift. Unlike some guys that get useless ties for Xmas and coffee cups for their birthdays, I am blessed enough to have a family that actually buys me gifts I can use and want. Boy do I love them for it too....


Here is portable Delta wood planer with 12.5" capacity and a Work Sharp tool sharpener. Very handy for sharpening lathe tools and chissels, Again, thanks to the Mrs. for the sharpener.



Don't look for this in any store, but you can build your own. On the left is a custom 6 ton press that I built by converting a small bearing press. Now I can glue up anything up to 14" tall and apply more than enough pressure. On the back of the bench are 4 Irwin wood clamps which are the nicest ones I have ever worked with and very versitile. On the right is a 4 x 8 work bench for building Rustic wood furniture and the like.


How about a 30 gallon air compressor to keep the mill clean and run all of our air tools. The sawhorses are for stacking boards that need to go back on the mill to be edged...a real back and time saving idea that I picked up from the Wood Mizer Training Videos. The flexible hose on the floor can be connected to the Sawmill, Jointer, or Surface Planer as needed using a quick connect system.

Newly Built office area with a small break area for our customers to get a hot chocolate or a pop when they come to visit.


This is what it is all about....turning logs into lumber. Here are some nice 30 inch in diameter Oak logs waiting for their turn on the mill, once the small log on it is completed. The one hiding behind the bench leg is a very nice red box elder log. I have cut some very nice table tops with awesome grain from his sister log which is not shown.

Our New Firewood Bundler

Our New 6 x 10 Hydraulic Dump Trailer. Note side that folds down for easy log loading with a set of ramps.


1988 Chevy one ton Pickup Truck to haul just abount anything. Lots of power, but the 454 likes to suck down fuel pretty fast.


Our New Building - 32 x 48 pole barn


Best Wishes To You From Busy Beaver Lumber






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